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  • SEO Insights Ecselis

    The Ecselis teams at Havas Media Group look at encryption updates from Bing, core algorithm changes at Google, and a MOz study on the importance of content in obtaining natural links. Concrete advice on how to increase performance via search.

  • Unified Device Targeting: Bing’s change of heart Ecselis

    After several years of resistance Bing Ads has finalized its Unified Device Targeting platform, effectively combining smartphone with PC/tablet campaigns. Advertisers now control tablet and mobile targeting with bid modifiers, and no longer set up separate smartphone campaigns. The Ecselis teams at Havas Media Group review the changes and the impact for advertisers, and offer actionable recommendations.

  • SEO Insights Ecselis

    The Ecselis teams at Havas Media Group look at a mobile search update and a new webmaster tool from Google, and consider the impact of Yandex penalizing paid links. Actionable advice on increasing performance across the changing landscape of search.

  • What Was The Actual Impact Of The April 2015 Google Mobile Update? Ecselis

    Google announced a change to mobile search results in April. Mobile search results were to be determined by the mobile experience, and websites with a poor mobile experience would receive a decline in organic traffic. The update gained a lot of coverage and built a lot of expectation. However, what was the actual impact? Ecselis teams at Havas Media Group examine the first results.

  • Mobile Algorithm Ecselis

    How the April 2015 Google Mobile Update Affects SEO Performance
    On April 21, 2015, Google revealed an update to how it ranks websites on mobile devices.Websites that are deemed not to be “mobile-friendly” will have reduced visibility in organic search results. Websites that are mobile-friendly will benefit from the update. However websites that are not embracing mobile may face penalty. The Ecselis teams at Havas Media Group provide you 5 simple actionable recommendations to respond to this update.

  • SXSW: 10 Trends In 2015 Havas Media, Cake and Havas Worldwide

    There was a time when SXSW set the agenda, but now it seems to reflect it.Once a focal point of the digital design industry, the event has grown in size and ambition to become a forum for a wide variety of contemporary issues, seemingly random in nature and curated around no clear principles.Havas has summarized some of the common key themes on display at SXSW, which were reflected more generally as societal trends.

  • From Big Data To Smart Data Adrian Kielich

    Each day, we generate 2.5 trillion bytes of data. This data comes from everywhere: posts on social media networks, pictures and videos posted online, transactional records of online shopping, GPS signals of mobile phones…

  • Tweets In Your Search Results Chris Walsh & Ian Bowden

    Bloomberg has reported that Google and Twitter have recently come to an agreement on a new partnership that will allow relevant Tweets to be shown within the search results. This deal would be the second major agreement the two companies have made, with the last ending in 2011.

  • Activating The Consumer Journey For Brand Media Strategies Rori DuBoff

    How does a consumer today find, select and purchase a product or service? Where do they go for information, who or what influences them most, and how do brands who want to reach these consumers successfully connect with them along their pathway to purchase? The consumer journey is a valuable tool for mapping out ongoing consumer behaviors and developing highly connective strategies across a brand’s ecosystem of owned, shared, earned and paid media.

  • Close Variants For All, Pure Exact Match For None Amy Kay

    On August 14th, Google announced it will no longer allow advertisers to opt out of close variants from the end of September. Close variants will continue to work in the same way, however advertisers will no longer have a choice. What does this mean for advertisers? This POV will help you to understand better the impact of this change.