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our work

POSB Neighbours first YouTube play

The idea

POSB is the oldest bank in Singapore. Although affectionately known as the “People’s Bank”, perception of the Brand skews toward being a bank for the older generation. As a result, POSB needed to establish relevance with millennial customers whom are digitally savvy, active on social media.

Millennials in Singapore were on the other hand, active and adventurous. They follow their passions and have stories to tell. They were doing interesting things around their neighbourhood – even championing their own movements although, there was no one single platform that enabled and showcased their efforts.

To reach a new generation of millenials, we needed to bring brand closer to them via platform that enabled them to showcase the neighbourhood. is a digital story-telling platform, fueled by content and social media. It houses the “narratives of the neighbourhood.” and features talented story-tellers who frame traditional topics and themes in new ways.

The Results

NeighboursFirst.SG redefined and refreshed how Millenials perceived and engaged with the brand.

  • Shifted negative comments to more positive conversations and sentiments towards the bank.
  • Created a whole new language for POSB, which changed the nature of its engagement with Millennials and the new neighbourhood.
  • 48% Increase in Facebook Fans
    4x more Facebook Engagement
  • 143,647 pagviews
    800,000 video views
  • 134% Increase in Youtube Subscribers