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what we do

We provide clients with meaningful, strategic leadership which spans media planning and buying, data analysis and activation, creative content development, direct response, performance marketing, local and multi-local communications, mobile marketing and social media expertise, working closely with Havas Group’s specialised pure player agencies.

Our company is structured around the principles of a new type of media strategy that we call Organic Marketing. With our Meaningful Brands® methodology at its core, Organic Marketing actively promotes an alternative to the traditional “paid first” approach – ensuring our teams use the skill sets described above to redefine the strategic roles of owned, shared, earned and paid media for all our clients.




Adcity is a new cross-channel, data-driven geolocal solution that offers unique local marketing expertise to impact clients’ business.

Three key elements

The approach is based on three major elements:

  • Local and multi-local market knowledge: a network of local experts who understand sales territories
  • Geolocalized media expertise: an enthusiastic team that understands local, cross channel, online and offline media
  • Proprietary intelligence: a unique approach combining data with media and marketing offers

Data lever for business

Adcity uses data as a lever to improve clients’ business efficiency, from media planning to business planning. By identifying, analyzing and developing specific attraction zones (store formats, reasons to visit, etc), the team conceives flexible spheres of attraction to reach tailored client profiles, consumer behaviors, distinct mobility patterns and media consumption habits.

Life spheres vs administrative zones

The Adcity approach is based on looking further than administrative zones to create life spheres, “mind maps” that represent behavior by similar targets. It surpasses typical individual socio-demographic profiles to account for specific behaviors: mobility, consumer journeys, purchasing practices, media consumption, etc.

Adcity offers clients a full suite of services in their backyards: local and multi-local pluri-media strategic counsel, data and geomarketing consulting, auditing and definition of client business territories, multichannel planning and buying capabilities from TV to digital, and both media and non-media solutions (street marketing, events, etc)




Programmatic pure player of Havas Group, Affiperf combines technology-driven machine learning and data-savvy human expertise.

Affiperf is a trading desk with over 180 traders who fuel growth for advertisers in over 49 countries.

Affiperf, the programmatic trading desk of Havas Group, combines the best of technology-driven machine learning with data-savvy human expertise.

With over 180 traders, experts in business analysis, data science, engineering and media, Affiperf fuels growth for advertisers in over 49 countries.

Affiperf delivers respecting 5 key principles:

  1. Brand Safety:  Through exclusion and custom lists, Affiperf an appropriate environment for all communications.
  2. Visibility:  Bot net control tools allow us to reach human targets, and a mixture of predictive technology, probabilistic approach, and above the fold targeting guarantees that your ad is seen.
  3. Protection:  All campaign data is managed by Artemis Alliance, fully ISO27001 compliant.  Access to data is controlled;  data is safe against copy, transfer or destruction; and data integrity is preserved.
  4. Reporting:  With Artemis Alliance, we provide a full suite of reporting to deliver strategic insights.
  5. Techno Neutrality:  Meta-DSP provides access to “best built” solutions across all programmatic DSPs (Demand Side Platforms).

Whether your objective is awareness, preference, traffic or conversion, or a combination of all, Affiperf proposes actionable solutions with guaranteed, cross device integration.  From homepage and skinz, banners, instream, video inbanner, to mobile (with Mobext), inread and inboard and synchronized TV, Affiperf products seek to maximize data and targeting to reach audiences and deliver results.




Ecselis is the online performance marketing brand of Havas, with over 320 specialists in 38 markets. Offering channel expertise as well as multi-channel products Ecselis promises to develop your business and your brand.

Channel expertise

  • SEO: Based on three core components: relevancy, authority and technical optimization.
  • Paid Search: Three pillars unlock the full value of search: Brilliant Basics, Audience Targeting & Personalization, and Technology & Data Integration.
  • Affiliate Marketing: A wide array of services including affiliate marketing, app downloads, email marketing, lead generation, and retention technology activated through different payment models: CPA, CPD, CPM, CPL and CPA/CPL.
  • Performance Display: Unique customer acquisition strategies and recommendations to optimize responsiveness, through real-time monitoring, to boost cross-level synergies.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Our structured, step by step approach from data gathering through improved customer theory.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): Our rules-based platform serves ads based on data such as location, weather and audience segment.

Multi-channel performance products

Ecselis also offers many specialized products to help our clients drive their business and optimize ROI in the digital age. By using best-in-class technology platforms and innovative methods, we are able to plan, buy, optimize and analyze integrated performance campaigns for our clients.

  • Ecselis Performance
  • Ecselis Traffic in Store
  • Ecselis Engagement




We create meaningful relationships between brands and people through their passions using creativity, media and innovation. Whether it’s sponsorship, content creation, partnerships, social media, live brand experiences, bespoke or off the shelf, we recommend pioneering engagement solutions to ensure ongoing conversations with brands’ current and future fans.

Spearheading the newly formed Entertainment Hub across Havas Media Group, the backbone of Havas’ entertainment proposition, our teams help ensure that we create and source up to date and relevant content in all its guises as well as leverage the full extent of our Vivendi partnership including Universal Music Group, Canal+ and StudioCanal, to fully deliver against our core offering of Brand Engagement.

We’re a team of 550 dynamic and creative individuals working in 24 countries to deliver the best in strategy, research, brand communication, activation and live experience globally. This enables us to provide our clients with customized solutions based on a deep understanding of what binds people together into communities: shared passions.

Our deep knowledge of fans also derives from our global study, FANS.PASSION.BRANDS, the largest global study to date looking at fans and the ways they engage with their passions, done in partnership with the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Innovation Lab and 18.

This research unlocks a new approach to understanding fan identities by expanding on fan behaviors, attitudes and perceptions analyzed through an innovative set of principles that captures the relationship between fans and their passions: what we call the Logics of Engagement.

Learn more about Havas Sports & Entertainment at:

Learn more about Havas SE Cake at: and

Learn more about ignition Havas SE at:

Follow us on Twitter at @Havas_SE @CakeGroup @Havas_SE_UK @ignitioninc




Mobext imagines tomorrow’s experiences today by connecting people and brands, and impacting our client’s business through a holistic suite of mobile services.

At Mobext, we believe that mobile is business. With an estimated 69.4% of the global population connected through a mobile phone in 2017*, mobile is no longer just another media, it’s become a powerful industry.

Mobext imagines tomorrow’s experiences today, connects people and brands, and impacts our client’s business. Through a holistic suite of mobile services – Strategy, Design & Development, Media and Analytics – we create engagement through creativity and relevancy through personalization. Our data driven approach coupled with best-in-class technology allows us to deliver highly-effective ROI campaigns.

Creation of meaningful touchpoints

We define, design and build mobile ecosystems that deliver true consumer value. Through digital acceleration, ideation and creative labs, we have a human centered approach and use strategies based on consumer insights.

Amplifying business

We conceive, plan, run and optimize campaigns to grow brand’s engagement and business. We build unique media products tailored to our client’s needs across creative, adtech and data.

Increase lifetime value

We deliver long-term value by creating lasting customer engagement with brands. We use data collected to ensure continuous improvement of mobile ecosystem and media approach.

Mobext, a subsidiary of Havas, has over 100 seasoned mobile experts in offices across 35 countries around the globe, making it the largest mobile agency on the market.

*eMarketer report « Worldwide Mobile Phone Users:  H1 2014 Forecast and Competitive Estimates », January 2014




Specialized talent and best-in-class technology allow Socialyse to provide a unique integrated and synchronized social media offer: strategy, content, media and analytics.

Socialyse, the social media solution of Havas Group, provides a unique, integrated and synchronized social media offer:  strategy to content, through media, driven by analytics and data.

A unique model

Socialyse gathers together talent with full social expertise:  analysts, strategists and more than 130 senior social media operators. Using proprietary and always state-of-the-art technologies, Socialyse commits to results and prices across owned, shared, earned and paid media. Socialyse combines the agility of a startup and the strength of a powerful global network, serving 35 markets.

Integrated products and services

Socialyse offers a diversified and multichannel approach driven by data.

  • Ad in APPS
  • Social Video with Facebook & Twitter
  • TV & Twitter Complementary Strategy
  • Social Rating Point (SRP) for TV & Web Synchronisation
  • Socialyse News Room for Brand Content & PR

Socialyse provides a massive and qualitative inventory through social gaming, social applications and social video; combines interest optimization tools and advanced targeting cross-channel remarketing solutions via advanced pixel targeting to improve ROI; and enriches data with customized shortener, off-line behavior data and always real time optimization solutions. Campaigns results are always more measurable with fully customized dashboards to demonstrate achievements across KPIs and business objectives.